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Navar Ragnarok Patcher is available.

by GM Love on 2020-05-02

Game Patcher is now available, always keep your game files up to date to avoid bugs.



Get Attribute Bonuses on your Armors by Simply Inviting your Friends

by GM Love on 2020-04-06

Need more attributes, no problem simply invite your friends and get a token you can use to add random attributes on your armors.


Simply tell your friend to visit the "Referral Program" NPC in the center of Prontera, and tell them to put your character's name on the input box.

Referral Program NPC

Both you and your friend will be rewarded a Midgard Coin which you can use on the "Apprentice Craftsman" -- found near the south gate of Prontera -- to add random attributes to your ramor.

Apprentice Craftsman NPC

Hope this will encourage you to tell your friends about us. Happy Gaming!!

Navar Ragnarok Online is back

by GM Love on 2020-04-02

Navar Ragnarok Online is back on, enjoy PvP, PvE, Boss Hunts, Guild Wars and More.

Download now: